EPPL project successfully completed

Due to the fruitful cooperation of all EPPL project partners, the project results and achievements are groundbreaking.

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We want to say thank you

  • to all consortium members for their outstanding spirit of collaboration and goal-oriented approach,

  • to ENIAC JU and the public authorities in the contributing member states for their financial support and

  • to all stakeholders involved.

Together, we strengthened European industry and research by innovating advanced semiconductor products made in Europe.

Magazine CTRtimes Special Issue EPPL Project
CTR times Magazine -Special Issue EPPL Project
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Boosting Energy Efficiency with New Electronics

The EPPL project strengthens Europe’s leading position in power semiconductors by

  • providing a new generation of power semiconductors based on 300mm technology

  • setting up a 300mm power pilot line, and

  • demonstrating highly energy efficient solutions for applications like automotive, renewable energy, automotive LED and healthcare

Power semiconductors based on 300mm wafers open a new dimension in cost-competitive and energy efficient solutions. Manufacturing power semiconductors industrially requires capabilities that pose yet unresolved challenges. EPPL enhances technology research and semiconductor manufacturing and researches chip/package interconnect technologies aiming at practical use in modern, energy efficient applications. The results are targeting a multitude of product innovations of direct impact onto our everyday life.

The EPPL project is aiming for energy efficient innovations.

IMPACT OF EPPL files/eppl/design/consortium_box.png

  • Extending Europe’s leading position in power semiconductors – by providing competitive solutions addressing  the EU’s Grand Challenges Climate Change, Energy Security, Health and Aging Population
  • Securing qualified jobs for Europe by setting up an advanced power semiconductor manufacturing pilot line across European countries
  • Improving energy efficiency of European products by providing power semiconductors with less ON-resistance, faster switching characteristics, better feature/cost performance and advanced packaging.
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