European and Global Impact of EPPL

In its Europe 2020 initiative, the European Commission has set ambitious targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency and to electro-mobility. In achieving these goals, power semiconductors designed and manufactured in sufficient quantities and at competitive cost in Europe - enabled by equipment and materials supplied by European companies - will be key enablers.

EPPL will contribute significantly to this by providing an enhanced pan-European pilot line and securing highly skilled jobs. It will also initiate R&D activities to boost knowledge and Intellectual Property in related high-tech fields. The leading position of European industry as system provider will be further strengthened by research on advanced packaging technologies for system integration.

files/eppl/design/consortium_box.pngImpact on EU's Grand Challenges by:

  • providing most advanced and competitive More-than-Moore solutions for several of the envisioned Grand Challenges – climate change, energy security, health & aging population
  • enabling energy efficiency improvements for applications that did not (fully) benefit from advanced power electronics so far by providing power semiconductors with less ON-resistance, faster switching characteristics and better feature/cost performance
  • ensuring compatibility of enhanced power semiconductors with new, advanced packaging technologies like 3D integration
  • extending the leading position of Europe in the power semiconductor industry
  • setting up an advanced power semiconductor manufacturing pilot line across European countries, helping to secure those work places for highly skilled Europeans