EPPL project - first year meeting in Villach/Austria

All EPPL partners will meet to present and discuss research & application driven results of the project in the first year. Hosted by Infineon Technologies Austria the meeting will take place from 12-13 March 2014.

Infineon Technologies Austria, the overall project coordinator of EPPL, will host the first year meeting. With this event, Infineon unifies all 31 European partners at its production facility in Carinthia/Austria, the leading centre of competence for power semiconductors.

Villach is the seventh-largest city in Austria and represents an important traffic junction for the whole Alpe-Adria region.
Infineon Technologies Austria AG.

Three countries in one hour

The two-day meeting will be held in Villach, the seventh-largest city in Austria and the second-largest in the federal state of Carinthia. If you plan to eat a „Schnitzel“ in Austria, enjoy a creamy dessert in Slovenia and a strong espresso in Italy – you will suceed. The Villach district lies at the crossroads of three countries and cultures: Austria, Slovenia and Italy. They can be reached within one hour. Moreover Villach is a crucial source of economic momentum within the Alpe-Adria region. This southern Alpine region is characterised by dynamic economic growth, innovative power and an extremely high quality of life. 

Center of electronics and microelectronics

Thanks to an above-average productivity level, the quality of the available manpower, the high technological standard of the resident enterprises and an innovative economic structure, Villach is one of the most dynamic growth areas within the European Union. The city is an important centre for (micro)electronics, semiconductor technology and geomatics. Leading companies such as Infineon (chip development and production) and Lam Research are indicative of the region’s innovative potential which is helping the local supply industry to experience a lasting boom. The [micro]electonic cluster, the Centres of expertise such as KAI (Kompetenzzentrum für Automobil- und Industrieelektronik GmbH) and CTR (Carinthian Tech Research AG) undertake high level research and development in the field.

The region, which is always open to the arrival of new companies, also provides its corporate partners with a communication and information platform for technology-oriented companies designed to maximise strengths and exploit synergies via networking and collaboration.

Work & life with quality

Sourounded by lakes and mountains Villach offers a wealth of leisure time activities for all ages in a variety of different areas, the whole year round! You can certainly live a work-life balance to the full in Villach - including sport, culture, city events, a safe natural environment and clean water…
The Carinthian International Club (CIC) offers an active and valuable network for foreign and Austrian colleagues in science and industry in Carinthia. Additionally the International School Carinthia (ISC) Villach provides an international learning community for kids.

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